Openki - The Platform for Open Education

Infos concerning the development of the course organization platform Openki


Open(-source) education

We want to make education part of everyday life and accessible to everyone.

  • Everyone can propose, organize and participate in courses on our open-source web-platform
  • People with little money should feel comfortable to participate in any course
  • Openki is non-profit


We encourage a community of self-empowered and self-determined people.

  • Openki stands for self-organized and emancipatory learning, which is realized independent from institutions
  • People from all social backgrounds should be self-determined in what they learn and experience mutual appreciation in their local community
  • We are self-governed and contribute with our own interests, capacity and curiosity to the project

Change through cooperation

Openki invents and tests new forms of cooperation.

  • Our project rethinks the roles in education
  • We test and apply horizontal and flexible forms of organization
  • We stay flexible in our assumptions and views, keep learning and are able to adapt


We commit to honesty and transparency as basis for mutual trust.

  • We share information about our project openly
  • We protect user data and do never trade user information
  • Conflicts are seen are seen as an opportunity and we address them openly