Openki - The Platform for Open Education

Infos concerning the development of the course organization platform Openki

Get involved

Open Education is not only our goal, but also why we acquire and exchange knowledge, jointly deal with new tasks and invest a lot of voluntary into the process of creating the platform Openki. We are happy about anyone who wants to help us and share and extend her/his knowledge and abilities!

    • If you speak any foreign language fluently you can help us with the translations (blog, platform, documents)!
    • If you know some Webdesign, CSS, Bootstrap or just like designing in general you can help us create the platform’s future design!
    • If you would like to use the platform as soon as possible you can subscribe yourself as a tester for the beta version and in doing so simultaneously help us develop version 1.0!
    • You just like the idea and want to participate or support us somehow? Either contact us or just spread the word about our project!

In addition we also offer the opportunity to complete an internship or maybe even a civilian service at Openki! If your interested just write to us, we’d be happy to hear from you!